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Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off

"You, #Gamergaters, with your bilious Internet rage, you think you’re speaking for some core demographic, some historic legacy, but you’re not. You’re speaking for a lie trapped inside your mind; a lie that one somehow has to be “hardcore” in order to appreciate games; a lie formed by social ineptitude and too much time spent picturing yourself as the only creature that matters in the universe. A lie about male power and privilege, and how dare those women try to ruin your fun? (No matter whose expense you’re having it at). The lie you tell yourselves is one completely incapable of recognizing just how far society has come — that equality is important, and that the tech industry has been misogynistic for a very long time, and that we need to change that, and we’re in the process of doing so, despite the mouthvomits you like to pretend are logical trains of thought."

Comic Pulls - October 15, 2014

The goings on at Clinically Inane and this week’s Comic Pulls

Comic Pull

Hey kids, here’s what went down since last week:

That’s it for this week! Bye kids!

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Anonymous asked:

uhm are you on a first name basis with the dude who does something positive? that's freaking awesome. you're both freaking awesome.



Randy? Yeah, he’s my friend. He’s really cool. You should go say hi to him at a con sometime if you can and buy his neat art.

Stop lying to people.  It only hurts them more when they meet me and I punch them in the throat.  I mean, it doesn’t hurt MORE than the punch, but the betrayal stings, too.

I go see Randy FOR the throat punches.









I didn’t know I was gay

The last gif, oh my.

Literally the first comment.

excuse me Imma go jump on this woman, hold my purse


Oh wow

Life goals: Smolder like Natalie Dormer. 

This woman.  *fans self*

Yes, she’s super sexy and it’s wonderful, but can we talk about how she has a Dune tattoo? Her left forearm says Fear is the Mind-killer. This means that she and I have matching tattoos.

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