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Sinceriously? emeraldcitycomicon?!?

That is so lame. You allow the same comic artists and writers each year, right? The same vendors?

This is a huge, MASSIVE fail on your part. Your reasoning is somewhat sound but completely wrong.

Might be returning my pair of 3-day passes if I don’t see a name I care about before december’s refund deadline….

Okay, let’s reply to that.

  1. Some of the same comic guests return, but we try to bring as many new ones as possible. Celebrity guests are treated differently because we have room for so few of them when compared to comic guests. (308:23 was our ratio last year)
  2. Vendors pay to exhibit at Emerald City Comicon, whether a booth or a table in Artists Alley. If they want to return, they are welcome to.
  3. That’s your opinion, and here’s our response to people who tell us we don’t run the show correctly.
  4. Go ahead, return your passes. There are other people out there worrying that they won’t be able to get a pass this year before they sell out. You’d be helping them.
  5. Really? Insults and threats? That is so lame.

Well said, emeraldcitycomicon
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